Artists in Isolation

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Artists work often alone in their studios but the current situation ‘the new normal’ is a very serious prospect. While we follow the guidelines for social distancing and suffer under temporary gallery, museum closures and project cancellations, we are trying to adjust to this new situation, to stay focused and plan the months ahead.  For now the StudioK3 platform, initiated by Clare Goodwin and Sandi Paucic, lives in the virtual space. When the times change we are keen to continue our online project whilst also initiating curated exhibitions presenting works from artists studios.

Artists in Isolation

Artist in Isolation is our first project in which we disover and present unique works by contemporary artists, available to view and buy directly from their studios – drawings, project drafts, collages, paintings, prints, photographs, prototypes, performances – we concentrate on ephemeral works, drafts and concepts, that are often not included in gallery exhibitions but are part of the daily practice in most artists’ studios. These works are sometimes as exciting and intriguing as the polished, finished pieces displayed in public settings. 

Fresh from the studio

The works presented in this project are only available directly from the artists. They are small and can be posted eisely by the artists themselves. Alternatively, some works are of a conceptural nature, and can be realised at a later time.
The selected artists showing with StudioK3 receive 70% of the sale price. 10% is paid into a K3 curatorial project fund for future projects, 20% covers our overheads and income. The offered prices correspond with the marketvalues.