With our artist led initiative we focuse on contemporary art in the broadest sense with a strong interest in networking and artist visibilty. StudioK3 aims to encourage the discussion of contemporary art practice, providing exhibition opportunities for established and unknown artists. It also aims to establish direct relations with contemporary art practice from Switzerland and Great Britain, whilst bridging the gap with international artists.
K3 Project Space was founded by artist Clare Goodwin and art historian Sandi Paucic in an art studio environment. Originally based in an old factory in Zurich between 2002 and 2016 "K3 Project Space" has collaboratively - often together with curator Oliver Kielmayer - organized around 90 exhibitions and countless performances, discussions, informal meetings and other events. 
After many years spent on the Maag Areal, K3 Project Space moved to a new home, a former car repair garage at Breitensteinstrasse. Under its new name StudioK3 continues to function as a Zurich based office for curatorial practice, research and artist led projects.
The selected artists showing with StudioK3 receive 70% of the sale price. 10% is paid into a StudioK3 curatorial project fund for future projects, 20% covers our overheads and income. The offered prices correspond with the market prices of the individual artists. The prices are set by the artists themselves. StudioK3 does not represent these artists, its operates on an independant and open collaboration base.
In March 2020 StudioK3 started its project 'Artists in Isolation' as a direct response to the global Covid19 pandemic. The project ignited by the sudden need to retain artists visibility and income in a crises of lockdown and isolation. StudioK3 discovers and presents unique works by contemporary artists, available to view and buy directly from their studios – drawings, project drafts, collages, small paintings, prints, photographs, prototypes, performances – StudioK3 concentrated on ephemeral works, drafts and concepts, that are often not included in gallery exhibitions but are part of the daily practice in most artists’ studios. These works are sometimes as exciting and intriguing as the polished, finished pieces displayed in public settings. 
As from 27th May 2020 StudioK3 operatesd from temporary space at Neue Hard 12 in Zurich. Works presented only online could be seen in changing curated displays at StudioK3's Art Cabinet. The Cabinet presentations are accompanied by spatial solo interventions, performances talks and other events. The project was supported by Raumbörse Zurich and the Kultur Stadt Zurich.
As form 28th November 2020 StudioK3's Art Cabinet is hosted by the Kunstmuseum Olten/ Switzerland for the duration of one year.