Opening 28th May 2020

New Exhibition Space at Zentralwäscherei Zurich, Neue Hard 12

StudioK3 is happy to announce the opening of its temporary exhibition space in the recently closed Zentralwäscherei factory in Zürich. The space will supplement StudioK3's online platform (Artists in Isolation) with a real exhibition venue and continue to support artists creativity and visibility in this uncertain times.
StudioK3 will organize the room to make it a real art experience and an attractive distant art lounge for the visitors – with solo presentations, spatial interventions, performances, live streaming from Artist studios, discussions and small social events. The main space will therefore remain mostly empty to allow circulation of the visitors. The main exhibition display for art will be installed in the rooms ART CABINET, featuring many of the artists shown in our online curated exhibition program  - Exhibition Zero, One, Two and Three. The works exhibited in the ART CABINET correspond with our curatorial approach, ‘Fresh from the Studio’ - sketches, drafts, small paintings, drawings, objects, texts, photographs and video and sound projects. 

Art vlog1, April 2020

The Future of Contemporary Art

Florian Christopher in conversation with Clare Goodwin

CNN Money Switzerland

Zurich-based has launched the platform “Artists in Isolation” to generate additional income and visibility for the featured artists. Find out how:

Tages Anzeiger / Züritipp, 9 April 2020

Author Annik Hosman