April 2022

StudioK3 opens new Project Space at Müllerstrasse 44 in Zurich

In collaboration with "artwork" K3 will open a new exhibition venue in a shop space in a central location at Müllerstrasse 44, Zurich in April 2022. In addition to the Art Cabinet, artistic positions from the K3 network will be presented at regular intervals. Talks and video presentations complement the programm. StudioK3's Project Space has been initiated by Clare Goodwin and Sandi Paucic. It aims to widen its network and to collaborate with changing artists and curators.

August 2020

Report by Vernissage TV on Ana Strika's 'Salle de répétition' at StudioK3

June 2020
Take a look at Rebecca Geldards excellent collection of art reviews on her website www.appleandhat.com Her latest article features a review of New StudioK3 -

Doing it for themselves: art, sales and digital agency in the time of Covid 19

Here's an excerpt on StudioK3 from the article

" (...) Collaboration is the cornerstone of StudioK3, the new online initiative of Zurich-based K3 Project Space. Set up by English artist Clare Goodwin and Swiss art historian Sandi Paucic in 2002, in the city’s industrial quarter, K3 focused on creating links between artists in the UK and Switzerland. Over the years it has built and developed relationships with a wealth of international artists, writers and curators, and garnered serious local support as a bricks-and-mortar space with an event-driven pop-up sensibility – before the term had been invented.

The tenancy for K3 came to an end in 2016 after commercial development of the area, but Goodwin has kept projects running from her studio. This includes the curation of group shows in her adopted country, under the auspices of ‘The Museum of the Unwanted’, which have evolved out of her research as an abstract painter, and maintaining close working links with Coleman Project Space in London.

Recognising the need for artists to maintain visibility and an income during the pandemic, with the ensuing closure of spaces, StudioK3 is now drawing on its connections, inviting artists to show their works online in a series of curated exhibitions. So as not to limit their potential pool of makers, or tread too heavily into gallery territory, the project selects from ‘studio works’: evidence of the schemes, dreams and planning processes intrinsic to everyday development. Artists receive a generous 70% of the sale price, while 10% of the money made goes back into the coffers to support the project’s growth.

And it has serious ambitions to feed. StudioK3 has just secured a new temporary space in Zürich, from May-September 2020, thereby providing an actual, supplementary platform for artists to present existing works and develop new, potentially site-specific projects. Having acknowledged the fact that buyers are wary of investing if they can’t personally engage with art and the social experience of buying it, the space will be carefully organised to allow for the necessary restrictions on visitor engagement as part of ‘the new normal’. The site will feature a permanent curated display of changing works, across the market-price spectrum, as well as commissioned spatial interventions and performances, and the live streaming of artist-studio activities under the event umbrella ‘meet the sketchbook’. (...)

28th May 2020

New StudioK3 exhibition Space at Zentralwäscherei Zurich, Neue Hard 12

StudioK3 is happy to announce the opening of its temporary exhibition space on 28th May 2020 in the recently closed Zentralwäscherei factory in Zürich. The space will supplement StudioK3's online platform (Artists in Isolation) with a real exhibition venue and continue to support artists creativity and visibility in this uncertain times.
StudioK3 will organize the room to make it a real art experience and an attractive distant art lounge for the visitors – with solo presentations, spatial interventions, performances, live streaming from Artist studios, discussions and small social events. The main space will therefore remain mostly empty to allow circulation of the visitors. The main exhibition display for art will be installed in the rooms ART CABINET, featuring many of the artists shown in our online curated exhibition program - Exhibition Zero, One, Two and Three. The works exhibited in the ART CABINET correspond with our curatorial approach, ‘Fresh from the Studio’ - sketches, drafts, small paintings, drawings, objects, texts, photographs and video and sound projects.
April 2020

Florian Christopher in conversation with Clare Goodwin

Art vlog1, The Future of Contemporary Art
May 2020

Feature on CNN Money TV Switzerland

Zurich-based Studiok3.ch has launched the platform “Artists in Isolation” to generate additional income and visibility for the featured artists. Find out how:

9th April 2020

Article on Studiok3 / Artists in Isolation in Tages Anzeiger / Züritipp

Author Annik Hosman