StudioK3 Project Space guest @ Art space Eck in Aarau

3rd September – 22nd October 2022

Kunstraum Eck, Corner Metzggasse / Zollrain, 5000 Aarau

Stillscapean installation with works by René Fahrni, Athene Galiciadis, Clare Goodwin, Bob Gramsma, Philipp Hänger, Andrea Heller, Sonja Kretz, Isabelle Krieg, Zilla Leutenegger, Claudia & Julia Müller, Hannah Parr, Jason Rohr und Pedro Wirz

List of Works / Text in Deutsch

Opening times

  • Vernissage: Saturday 3rd September 2022 / 5-9pm

  • Saturday, 10th September: 10.30-15.00h with Coffee and Croissants + Musikperformance by Sara Hubrich (14h)

  • Saturday, 24th September: 14.00-17.00h with Coffee and Cake

  • Thursday, 6th October: 18.00-20.00h with Aperitif

  • Saturday, 22nd October: 17.00-20.00h Finissage with Aperitif

StudioK3 Project Space curates an immersive installation with works by 13 artists for the Kunstraum ECK in Aarau A cursory glance through the large vitrine window of the ECK or the first impression upon entering the space may make visitors think of a private interior or a ‘homely’ display, such as one you might see in an interior design shop. A closer look reveals a network of artistic affinities between the different art works. The installation creates a charged dialog within a staged domestic environment, lying somewhere between still life and object landscape.

Stillscape is the second installation of its kind developed by the curators of Studiok3. Not really inhabited but enlivened by the art objects themselves, the installation creates a tension between the notion of the domestic and the sculptural quality and curatorial possibilities of art objects once collaged together, inviting us to immerse ourselves in an environment that is somewhat familiar yet foreign.